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  • Truman Talks: The Adventure of Being Simple

    Truman Talks: The Adventure of Being Simple

     Make simplicity an adventure.

    Hi everyone!

    Truman here. 

     I wish you could feel what your dog experiences when he or she  goes out. Our senses are very different from yours. Let me explain it to you a little bit better.

    Remember what I said in my previous blog post? Dogs do not understand what the past or the future is. Pay attention. When you open the door of your house or your apartment to take your dog out, your mind is preparing you to follow a similar pattern that you always follow: go out, walk around the neighborhood, make a stop to let your dog relieve himself, and go home to rest. How can something be an adventure when you do it every day? An adventure for you is an unique, special event and usually loses intensity the more you do it. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to lose interest so quickly in things that make you happy.... Perhaps human beings have it more difficult than dogs in this regard. 

    What about me? What about your dog? We go out into the street and the mixture of smells and possibilities make our experience a new adventure always. The present is the only thing that exists in our mind, and that makes all our experiences something very special: smells that bring feelings, fresh air that we have never smelled before with fragrances that cause our curiosity to be stimulated, all mixed up with the great feeling of our owners wanting to spend time with us.

    What if you would use your mind to do the same? Walking your dog can be an adventure for you too. Everything is in continuous movement, everything changes, everything has an objective. The unexpected emerges from the expected and you never know how to walk your dog can surprise you. Keep an open mind and enjoy the present, as your dog does when you walk him or her around.

    You decide how to turn something simple into something special.


    Woof woof.