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  • Welcome to Truman Talks!

    Welcome to Truman Talks!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Truman, and yes, I am a dog. If you are wondering about how in the world I am writing my own blog, I understand. I am just, let's say, very well-trained ;).

    My life is as simple as it can be: I play all the time, I eat when I am hungry, I go potty when I need to, and chase after a few squirrels here and there. Nothing special. However, having a daily routine helps me focus on how simple happiness can be, and, overall, how much wisdom one can obtain from the simplest interactions of life. 

    Thank God that Google translator added "Canine language" as an option to its translation tool! I can now share my thoughts and feelings with you. Who knows about the number of things that we can learn from each other. 

    My friends say I should be playing and loving my owners while being obedient to them, because our life is short. Since my life is short, I reply to them, I don't want to miss the opportunity of letting everyone know about the way I feel: the way I see the world, and how our innate knowledge and intuition as dogs could help human beings to be happier and have more fulfilled lives in the most doggy manner: the simpler, the happier. I still want to chase squirrels though! 

    My purpose is to write short, concise stories about the way I see life, so that they might enrich yours and your relationship with your own dog.

    Have you ever caught your dog looking straight at you with no reason and wondered, why is he or she looking at me? My blog, Truman talks, is here to help you know and understand the "unsaid" about your dog: how we see life, what we learn from you and, altogether, the reason why we cannot stop looking at you. 

    We love you, but there is more to it....let's discover it together. 

    P.S. I will sign my blogs in canine language so everyone knows that I am the writer! It means Truman. 

    Woof, Woof!