This service is a 60-minute in-home private training session for you and your dog. We teach and give you the tools to work and improve the behavior of your dog. We can help you with jumping, pulling on the leash, reactivity with other dogs, and many other problem areas. We also love to advise and help with any trick training for those who want go beyond the basics. Training and working with your dog improves their behavior and the bond and relationship you have with them. 

Basic Walks:
This service is for dogs that are in need of basic exercise and need a bathroom break during the day while you are at work. This service allows the dog to get out excess energy during the day so you don't need to stress or worry when you are away. Daily walks stimulate dogs physically and mentally which helps fulfill their needs and improve their behavior.

Structured Walks:  This service focuses on consistency training for your dog. If your dog struggles with, pulling, passing by other dogs, chasing cars, or just needs a consistent training routine then this service will be beneficial to you. During the walk, we focus on encouraging manners and improving upon problem areas. We use positive reinforcement techniques and treats to achieve improvements. 

Basic Runs: This service is for dogs that are in need of more exercise than just a walk. We run a consistent pace draining the dog's energy quicker and reinforcing structure. Running gives dogs the opportunity to use a different muscle groups to create a happier and healthier dog. We make sure they get enough water and don't overheat on the run. 

Structured Runs: This service is a mixture between Structured Walks and Running. We recommend this service for dogs that have a lot of energy and need to drain some energy before a structured walking session. This will allow the dog to burn energy and to focus on learning rather than reacting to their environment. 

Structured Playing: This services focuses on obedience while making it fun for the dog to learn. If your dog is motivated by playing or needs practice in obedience, then this service will benefit you. If you have a fenced-in yard or live close to a dog park then we can provide mental and physical stimulation with structure. 

Pet Sitting: With this service we visit your home 3 times a day checking in on your furry loved ones while you are away. Each visit is 30-minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We are able to keep an eye on your home while you are away and alert you if their are any problems. Avoid the stress on your pets of being at a kennel and let us make them feel at ease with our familiar faces.