Cari is originally from New England with a Bachelors degree in Theology and a license in Social Work. Something that has always taken a back seat for Cari, was her love and ability to connect with dogs. Animals have always played a very important role in Cari’s life, helping her understand the bond of trust, loyalty and the importance of patience. She was ecstatic when the opportunity arose to combine her passions and work with her best friend, have you guessed who that might be? Yup, you got it..Rebecca Garcia, The founder of the The Dog Shepherdess. Cari is excited to be a part of the awesome work that the Dog Shepherdess provides to Nashville’s lovable canines and their humans. 

Interesting Facts:

  • Cari and Rebecca have been friends since they were 10 years old.
  • Traveled to India in 2007 to volunteer at a children's school/orphanage
  • passionate about healthy living and wellness education (Click to Learn More!)

More Info about Cari

"Cari has been so wonderful for my dog, Scout. She is reliable and communicates well and my dog not only gets exercise during the workday but she is also working on new skills and best behavior!"

-Kate S.-

"Cari is wonderful and our three dogs absolutely love her! She has her hands full with our two boxers and chihuahua, but does a wonderful job managing them, which is no easy feat! Their walking skills have definitely improved, and their overall manners are much better after the work Cari has done with them. They are noticeably happier pups after their walks with Cari."

-Clara B.-

"Cari exceeds expectations and has a deep capacity of love for animals.  She goes above and beyond and makes sure everyone is comfortable and cared for properly. She has a calming and gentle nature, an amazing ability to communiate and put dogs and people a like at ease.  I could not recommend her enough!"

-Rebecca G.-