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  • A Dog Trainer in Nashville

    A Dog Trainer in Nashville

    By: Rebecca García-The Dog Shepherdess 

    I could never imagine that I would end up being a dog trainer. A few years ago I was not very happy in my old job, and my husband asked me the following question: what do you do when you have free time and want to have fun? My answer was automatic: reading about dogs, watching videos about dogs, training dogs ... The same answer answered a question that went through my head many times: what is my true passion? Indeed, if you want to know what your passion is, observe what you do when you are alone, and look for a way to use it to help other people. Training dogs is doubly enriching, since I can help dogs and consequently their owners. In the end, my job as a dog trainer is to enrich the relationships between owners and dogs; Better yet, strengthen friendship relationships. Being a dog trainer makes me learn virtues that are intimately related only to human beings, but that I constantly learn from all the dogs I train: patience, perseverance and responsibility. The canine language is very particular, and requires intuition and empathy, two basic tools to train dogs and have also healthy relationships with other human beings. To all the benefits of being a dog trainer, I could add another one: being a dog trainer in Nashville.

    Nashville is the perfect city to be a dog trainer. Our city is respectful, open, flexible and in continuous growth. It is a sensitive city, which I have experienced with many of my clients, since our conversations about how to understand our dogs need intuition and empathy (as I said before) therefore, we need to talk about the type of information that is transmitted without words: through body language, deciphering needs not expressed by animals and the anticipation of emotions. 

    It's a blessing to be a dog trainer in Nashville, every day is full of emotions and new people with interesting stories to share. I am able to pour all my passion into something that I love, while the relationships between humans and dogs develop and find new limits to be overcome. 

    Be sure to check out my blog for more entries in the future about tips, fun facts, Nashville areas to explore with your dogs, canine wisdom and more. 


    Rebecca García
    The Dog Shepherdess
    Dog Trainer - Nashville